you might’ve seen me using something that i call an ‘affiliate link’ in various places on this site, so i wanted to briefly break down what that means and looks like here, and how it impacts you (short answer - it really doesn’t!)

me using an affiliate link on this site simply means that there’s a product or service that i love SO MUCH that i would talk about it no matter what (and likely have!), but that it just so happens that i receive a small-ish commission (usually several dollars each, but it depends on the affiliate agreement for each item) any time someone clicks on one of my links and makes a purchase. it’s important to note that me receiving an affiliate payout for any of these links does not mean that you pay more. you pay the same regardless of whether you use my affiliate link or not! i simply get paid by helping to promote a product or service by reaching people that the owner may not have reached otherwise.

affiliate sales have gotten a bad rap in some circles, and for good reason. there have been plenty of people who have signed up for all kinds of affiliate setups with the sole intent being to make money no matter the consequences (not because they use and love the product or service). that’s not what happens here.

i promise, here and now, that i’ll only ever use affiliate links for a product or service that have personally used and loved. period.

any questions about any of this, let me know!