Day 10

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yesterday was hard, you guys.

i suppose i should’ve written more about it when i was stuck in the feeling so that i could better describe it…, but honestly i was trying to stay positive and grateful and all of that. part of my work, part of what i’m doing here is putting in the effort to keep from dipping back into The Big D again, at least for any length of time.

yesterday i was a bit nervous.

thankfully, today was far better and i’ll try to do better next time of not just hiding away.

i don’t think there’s anything else for now..

Day 10.jpg

and now for the gratitude…

i’m grateful for the nap i got after work

i’m grateful that today was most definitely better

i’m grateful that it was sunny today & the land had a chance to absorb all the water we’ve been getting

i’m grateful that i didn’t absolutely have to do anything this evening

i’m grateful that the heartburn medicine has finally kicked in. heartburn sucks.

i’m grateful that tomorrow is Friday ;-)