Day 11

i’m noticing something interesting lately, and by lately i mean just the last two - three days… i will think of things through the day that i want to write about, but then when it comes time to sit and write… it’s all gone.

i don’t remember.

i wonder what that means, if anything.

maybe it doesn’t matter. maybe i think too much.


today was another of those days. i think i’ve said before that they seem to come in three, so i guess that makes sense.

i have to wonder if the daily gratitude helps to ameliorate the hard… or maybe it’s too soon to see that kind of difference. maybe that doesn’t matter either, since i won’t stop doing it either way. :-)

and on that note…

Day 11.jpg

it’s time for some gratitude

i’m grateful that it’s not too terribly humid outside right now & i could just step outside for a few minutes & play with Lexi

i’m still grateful that it’s Friday :)

i’m grateful, and looking forward to, my hair appointment tomorrow… hoping we get the silvery-white right this time

i’m grateful for hot showers

i’m grateful that all the laundry & chores etc.. are done for the weekend. i can (mostly) rest

i’m grateful to feel better right now