Day 12

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it was ‘hair day’ today. just a bit of a trim & clean up as i start to grow it back out, but the real news was that i finally got the silvery-white that i’ve been after for months and months now (or, i got super close… still seems a touch more blonde / platinum to me than truly a silvery-white, but c’est la vie).

sadly, this may end up being the last time i get the color, will have to see how it goes. i may try one more time because i do really love this.. but i felt dizzy while getting the color done, and am feeling a bit off now too. if i can skip the migraine i will probably try one more time as it starts to grow out, but again… will see.

either way, i have to say that it feels AMAZING to do something that i’ve been thinking about and wanting to do for literally at least 6 months or so (maybe longer, i keep thinking i started looking at these hair images in the fall of 2018!). i was afraid to do it for the longest time…. what if it didn’t come out quite how i’d envisioned? what if it just looked horrible on me? what if i felt silly and didn’t have the confidence to carry it? what if it looked like i was trying too hard? etc… etc… but in the end, i decided (again) that it’s just hair. if i hated it i could always do a super short pixie cut and just let it all grow out again from there #lessonlearned

but, as it turns out, i don’t hate it. i love it #anotherlessonlearned

sometimes taking a chance (especially on something that’s been tugging at the heart for so long) really is just the ticket, you know?

dear you, please remember this.

let’s just take a quick moment to look at those flowers, though….

let’s just take a quick moment to look at those flowers, though….

and now for some gratitude

obviously, i think, i’m grateful for the courage to go get the hair done this way. i’m grateful for Troy for being so amazing with the cut, and for Karen who is a master of all things color <3

i’m also grateful for Aveda, because truly… i am pretty certain i could not have had this done anywhere else with the chemicals they use… but because Aveda’s products are plant-derived (thank you, plants!), i did not end up with a migraine (though i am a bit dizzy, so i’m also grateful i don’t need to drive or go anywhere!)

i’m grateful that i’m feeling heads & tails better today. i really think there must be something to that 3-day thing that i’ve now noticed twice. #notingthenoticing

i’m grateful for the kindness of other people, anywhere and everywhere i see / experience it

i’m really grateful for the air conditioning - especially when it’s SO STINKING HOT outside, like now :-)

Happy Saturday, friends!