Day 13

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it has been a day over here.

i fully intended to relax all weekend long, and it’s not quite turned out that way. got that haircut yesterday and then spent a good bit of the afternoon going through piles of paperwork and cleaning up the office (which was great, because it’s been making me crazy & i’ve needed to do that for ages now). we went and had dinner after that, and then i did some things on the computer that i’d been meaning to work on… then we watched a movie. a good day, overall… it just went so fast.

then today i had a whole list of things i needed to do, but as often happens, that list kept growing. before i knew it i found myself doing a ton more cleaning, then picking weeds and cleaning up a bit outside (again, something that’s needed done for ages, so it’s great that we got out there!). it was just so stinking hot, and i know better than to be out there for any length of time in that heat… it tends to ruin me for the rest of the day (which is pretty much what happened). i’ve just felt entirely wiped out for the rest of today, and i’m a bit bummed because i feel like i am not supposed to be going back into another work week feeling wiped out from the weekend. but i guess ‘supposed to’ is pretty meaningless. this is what is.

i haven’t done my Inner Balance yet, so i need to do that yet tonight. might be interesting / helpful to try it before bed anyway, so… there’s that.

it’s been a good weekend, really. i think i just always wish that i could actually relax and only do what i want to do on any given weekend, and it never seems to happen. (did you like that, how i said it never seems to happen… as if i’m not there and have no choice in the matter?? that’s more of that self-awareness that we talked about before right there ;-))

ok, well since it’s getting a bit late i guess i’ll wrap this up & get this thing posted.

Day 13.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful that i did get so much done today, and this weekend. i really did get a ton from my list done, or at least moving forward. that feels good

i’m grateful for a really good dinner out both weekend nights

i’m grateful that i got a bit of sun today, and that R reminded me to grab a hat and cover my hair. we don’t need no brassiness around here!

i’m grateful that it’s almost bed time. i am soooo ready to curl up and get a good night’s sleep. speaking of which, i’m also grateful for ashwagandha, which seems to be helping me sleep better

i’m grateful that the evening has cooled off a bit. even though it’s nowhere near actually cool, it does feel like a bit of a reprieve given the stifling heat of earlier

that’s all, folks. hope you had a happy Sunday, friend!