Day 14

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as i was using my Inner Balance this morning (psst - this is now an affiliate link - read my brief affiliate policy here!) i started wondering what to think about on days when i can’t really actively bring to mind / heart anything i’m feeling really good about… or any good feelings, or even any especially good memories… (this is one of the exercises you can choose to use to get into coherence).. but thankfully i recalled something else i’d read as a suggestion for what to do if you feel stuck.. so i tried that.

i sat with myself and sent love to my own self, and to my own heart. i didn’t actively feel love to send to myself… but i tried it anyway. i’m not sure it got me to that same place of coherence that i sometimes get with good memories & that kind of thing.. but it was better than sitting and feeling grumpy :-)

and… you know.. tomorrow is another day.

Day 14.jpg

and now for some gratitude

i’m grateful that today wasn’t as crazy at work as i expected, and we’ve got one primary person back in the office tomorrow

i’m grateful that it’s very nearly time to curl up and go to sleep

i’m grateful that i can sleep in until 0445 tomorrow (hey - it’s better than 0415)

i’m grateful that the dog did her business quickly when i got home today lol (it’s the little things, you know?)

that’s all for now, friend.