Day 17

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hmmm, where to start today. i had so many thoughts i wanted to write about here… to share… and as is often the case, the day just got away from me. always so much to squeeze into a single day.

i did not get a nap on my lunch break today… TLD and i needed to run to the library instead since we won’t have time to go this weekend. that was good to get out of the way - AND - by 4:30 this afternoon i was absolute toast. i crashed for about 40 minutes then got up and let myself wake up in time to have a call with my friend (we’ll call her G).

it was such a good call, you guys. two hours passed in an absolute flash (and if you know me, you know i’m not a super-fan of being on the phone - in general - so this really is saying something!), and i felt so full up and connected by the time we hung up. it was so so good.

oh, let’s back up a minute… last night was so weird, and i didn’t sleep for crap. there was a storm (thanks to the Ring app, i know that it was especially bad between midnight and 1:00 this morning!) that woke me several times, and then i think it must’ve been sometime after that i started the whole shiver-and-sweat routine (seriously curious whether this is an actual thing that anyone else experiences or something weird that i experience for some reason! i’ve done searches and not really come back with anything exactly like what i experience).

anyway - the shivering bit of this whole thing gets so intense… and it feels like the cold is coming from inside of me, not that it’s that my skin is cold. i wonder if my core body temp actually drops abnormally low sometimes. i wonder if there’s something that would measure that. that only just now occurred to me. (just opened a tab to remember to look into this! eureka!) so the shivering is super intense and wakes me up. it’s so unpleasant and freaks me out so much… and then the intense shivering inevitably leads to a sharp rise in temp and i sweat like mad - which i really dislike but will take - any day - over the shivering feeling!

all that to say that it was a really odd night from start to finish, and then when i woke, i remembered that i wanted to sit in silence, so i did that. it wasn’t as great as the other evening, but i did sink in and sit for about 30 minutes before i noticed the light changing outside & decided it was time to get ready for the day.

so there we are. that was today. and now it’s almost Fri-Yay!

and now for some gratitude…

i am beginning to wonder what happens to this blog, and to me, when my 31 day Experiment with Gratitude is done. will i keep going? start another (different) experiment? do another experiment with gratitude but in a different way? the same way? take a break? i dunno, and i’m grateful that there’s absolutely no pressure at all to decide right now… to figure it out.

i’m grateful (you knew this was coming!) that tomorrow is Friday. I’m pretty much counting the hours now until vacation time starts!

i’m grateful for that call with G - and for feeling so filled up and heard

i’m grateful that T reached out. her kindness and wisdom always touch me

i’m grateful that i really am surrounded by magickal human beans. i am fortunate for sure

i’m grateful for my walk with R tonight - and that Lexi didn’t see too many dogs (i initially typed gods ;-))

i’m grateful for lots of choices. they don’t always feel good, but there are choices

i’m grateful that rain is on the way!!!

that’s all for now, friends. may your Friday be full of magick.