Day 19

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i made cold brew coffee last night for this morning. i’d never had it before so i had no idea (until this morning!) what i’d been missing. :-)

you guys - have you made or had cold brew coffee yet (assuming you’re a coffee drinker)??? i am officially hooked. i get now what the whole coffee-craze thing is about! lol

it’s 5:30 in the afternoon and i want to have more now, which i don’t ever do (i usually only have the one in the morning - if that - and that’s that for the day). i probably won’t have anymore at this point, but it’s seriously that good - and that simple to make.

anyway, it’s been a fairly relaxing day, all things considered. i kind of didn’t want to even write today (which is likely my whole ‘consistency thing’ coming up… how i’m great at starting something but not quite as great at keeping up with it sometimes… this is another reason i set The Experiment to only 31 days. i can always renew that, but i can also let it go for a bit at the end if needed).

i’ve taken a bit of a nap, been listening to podcasts, and did a good bit of just sitting with my Inner Balance and trying out different breathing and thought methods to see what makes the biggest impact on getting and staying in coherence. i’m hoping tonight for a good movie after dinner, and then an early bedtime. tomorrow is some website work and maybe a couple of other things, but because i’m not working Monday i can also take a nap & just relax a bit vs rushing to try to get a ton of things ready for the week, etc… #sogood

Day 19.jpg

and on that note… some gratitude…

i’m grateful for a family visit

i’m grateful for a nice, and not-too-intense storm after i woke from my nap

speaking of… i’m grateful for the little nap

i’m grateful for how the sky looks absolutely lit from some divine source next to the dark storm clouds… and i’m grateful for the ability to see it all… to experience it

i’m grateful for good books (c’mon, it’s been a minute since i’ve mentioned books!)

i’m grateful that there’s plenty of food to feed this begging dog ;-)

i’m grateful for a home with high ceilings.. i’m sure that sounds strange but after living here and remembering how closed in the old house felt, it’s really a thing for me. i love it.

that’s all for now - happy Saturday Friends!