Day 20

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really!? day 20?! i almost can’t believe it… it seems to have gone so fast when i look back now. time has been so strange for me for so long at this point, though, that i can’t say i’m surprised how quickly it feels it’s gone. it’s still kind of strange-feeling though!

i’m wondering now whether it feels like i’ve been noticing any difference in daily life thanks to the fact that i’m looking for gratitude - knowing i’ll need to write about it - every day. i do remember there’ve been several times that something has happened through the day for which i’ll say an immediate ‘thank you’ aloud. i can’t recall any of those off the top of my head right now, but i do remember that they’ve happened. i think that’s something.

i think, too, just knowing that i will need (because i’ve committed to this, for my own sake) to document things i’m grateful for each day keeps me from going too far into a dip when there is one. does that make sense? i’d have to say that this, alone, has been worth the experiment. if this is what it takes to help me stay on a more even keel - or even if this contributes in some small way, it’s entirely worth it. i know it’s been worth it to keep me accountable, so it may stay even after the 30 days just for that reason.

as a side note - you are still invited to play along with me in the comments… it’s not too late to start. and if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can do that as well. just make up a name :-)

Day 20.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for indoor plumbing you guys… you know… ‘the little things’ are often not at all little when you don’t have them for any length of time. can i get an amen?! ;-)

i feel like i did nothing but R&R this weekend, so i am damn grateful that i am not working tomorrow!!! otherwise i’d be getting into panic mode right about now, switching it into high gear to get stuff ready for the week. #nope

i am grateful i’m inside. it is 85º outside right now with a feels-like temp of 94º - no thank you!

i’m grateful that i had the idea to create a ‘purple kangaroo’ notebook around what i want from my life (pssst - i am trying to hunt down where the ‘purple kangaroo’ thing came from, and will try to remember to write a post about what it is soon!)

i am grateful that there’s nothing i’ve absolutely GOT to do tonight, so we may start the Bourne series since R got a great deal on them. maybe even a glass of blueberry wine. #livinitup

that’s all for now - happy Sunday friends!