Day 21

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today was good.

i’m not sure that i’ve started any other blog posts that way… with a simple ‘today was good’.. but that’s the case in this instance.

today was my first of four days off this week and boy oh boy did i ever appreciate it.

my experience of today, not surprisingly, just reiterates for me that we really really (really) are not meant to be part of the rat race, and spend our days merely working or preparing for work.

or maybe i’m wrong on that… maybe work itself isn’t the problem, per se. maybe it’s more like work that feels empty and meaningless. maybe it’s work that fills us with stress and dread rather than a sense of connection or collaboration or meaning.

i think back on my best moments at my current job… and they were always when i had just helped someone resolve something that had been sticky for them, and they beamed their gratitude and relief at me like a ray of sunlight. and yep, i am fully aware that those moments were feeding my ego and not something deeper or more substantial… but my point is that i felt amazing. i felt filled-up and energized. i’d venture to say that i did not leave work on any of those days feeling more worn out or tired than when i’d started. quite the opposite.

same with the Angel Sullivan Websites of old, when that was all i did all day every day. i remember that my favorite days were when i knew i had some puzzle-cracking to do, and i’d turn the music UP and my whiny “but-i’m-not-good-enough” voice DOWN, put my head down and get to work. those days were amazing, and so much fun!

can you imagine that? work days that are actually fun?

now i’m not naive enough to think that any work would be all day, every day, fun Fun FUN! that’s silly. there will always be parts that we don’t necessarily love (though i do also think it’s possible, especially as a business owner) to bring someone on who does love the bits we don’t, so that everyone is doing what they love (and therefor doing the best job possible - what comes from heart). but if we’re talking about your average, every-day J-O-B, or even most solopreneurs… then yeah, there will most likely be bits you’re not a huge fan of (accounting comes to mind!).


i still do believe that we can find work that not only pays the bills, but also doesn’t suck your soul dry (and maybe, i dunno, even feeds your soul and heart in ways).

you know?

what do you believe?

srsly - we gotta stop first and recognize the flowers, above #gorgeous

srsly - we gotta stop first and recognize the flowers, above #gorgeous

ok - now we’re ready for some gratitude

i am grateful for those flowers - and all those big gorgeous flowers that are catching my eye lately!

i’m grateful that i suddenly remembered (at 10:00 at night!) that i hadn’t yet finished and posted this, and got my butt up out of bed to come do it - i’d have been pissed if i’d broken my track record today!

i’m grateful for cold brew, because srsly… have i mentioned that yet??? #holyhannah

i’m grateful for all these twinkle lights and flameless candles and how they contribute to my feel-good

that’s all for today folks. hope you had a happy Monday.