Day 22

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i am really digging this whole not-working thing you guys… so much so that i’m afraid i might be a bit grumpy on Friday this week when i go back….

ahhh well. at least it’s the day after a holiday and therefor will likely be pretty quiet ;-)

today being both the new moon and a solar eclipse (i guess?! i’m not actually sure who got to see it this time?), i have been doing some introspecting (totally a word. now). i spent some time going through magazines and cutting / ripping out images and words that called to me. i watched some really good Gregg Braden videos on YouTube. and i also spent some time considering what it is i actually want from and with my life right now and wrote some things down. i’ve kept some of them separate in a special box i keep for that purpose…. but here’s some of the notes i made elsewhere:

i want a life that i don’t feel the need to vacation (or otherwise run away) from ever couple of months.

i want to feel GOOD in my skin - vibrant, healthy, strong, graceful, and energized!

i want a house that is beautiful to me (to us), that’s cozy and has a large finished attic + a large finished basement, and a big wraparound porch! it’s got incredible views of trees and hills right nearby (not off in the distance). someplace safe with great hiking trails super close, and wildflowers just everywhere. it’s someplace that feels like Home and where i think #ohmygoodnessicannotbelieveiactuallylivehere on the regular…

and you know… all this dreaming today felt really good. it’s been so long since i’ve done anything like any of that (at least in the ways that i did today) and it was really nice to do. i realized today that i get so caught up in life and the day-to-day that i often forget to dream. like, almost at all.

instead, i let myself be buffeted by the FOMO that comes from too much social media and seeing what others have. know what i mean? then i just assume that those are the things i’m dreaming of, when really… maybe they’re not. like, at all.

something to keep an eye on…

Day 22.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for the lasagna baking in the oven right now. not homemade but it’s my favorite after homemade, so we’re gonna call that a #win

i’m grateful for another yummy, and productive, day off!

i’m grateful for having the courage to go through my finances and see, clearly, what’s what. it’s not always easy, is it? but i did it and feel better for having the clarity. and now i know where i’m starting from, i have a better chance of getting where i’m aiming!

i’m grateful that these vision boards came out so well. will be super fun to hang these up & have them in my consciousness on the daily

i’m grateful for ThredUp and being able to both sell my own gently used goodies, and find others gently used goodies to buy. reduce, re-use, recycle for the win! (pssst - you and i both get $10, on ThredUp, if you use this link! Read my full affiliate policy here)

i’m grateful for last night’s movie night, and another coming (i hope!) tonight. i get so movie series’… i love having them all available to binge on over the course of a few evenings

i’m so grateful for a fully stocked pantry and fridge and freezer. have i already said that somewhere on here? i may have, but there are moments when i really feel it and this is one of ‘em.

that’s all, folks. hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday!