Day 23

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i feel like i don’t have much to say today. it was another good day…. mostly.

i slept in this morning which, admittedly, was really nice. had a really slow, casual start to the morning then started going through emails and an obscene number of open internet tabs. i switched gears just before lunch time and started working on a client website. made really great progress in just 2-3 hours.

after that i was feeling a bit worn out, so i sat and relaxed & did some reading for a bit… then took a nap!

not only did i sleep in today… i also took a nap! what kind of wonderful is that, tell me…

once i got up, i headed back toward the office and went through my collage materials, and sourced some more, while listening to some training programs i’d been working my way through. that was all really good. i felt like i got through a lot of good stuff today, and that was fabulous.

i did start to get a little bummed out today, because i know that i only have one more day, and then it’s like this whole little bubble i’ve been in will burst, and it’s back to ‘the real world’. and it was strange, too, because going back to work on Friday feels like it’s somehow not true or something. i had this feeling one time before… it’s a very strange feeling.

anyway. like i said, it was a pretty good day.

Day 23.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful that i got so much website work done today. that felt amazing because i’ve been feeling super behind.

i’m grateful for all this collage fun i’ve been having. i’d really forgotten how much i love doing that. how relaxing it is, and how it’s really a creative outlet. #sogood

i’m grateful for the sleeping in and the nap. i’m also grateful that i haven’t been as tired this week. it’s amazing how much energy is available when one’s activities aren’t draining the life out of them ;-)

i’m grateful for some new flameless candles. there’s a set from Pottery Barn that i’ve been lusting after, but they’re insanely expensive so i settled on a set i found on Amazon & had low hopes for lol… they’re actually not bad though. they will work

that’s all, folks. hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.