Day 24

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i refuse to be pulled down into my normal bummed out state the night before going back to work. today was another good day, and i choose instead to revel in that.

in fact, it was a really good week. in a way it felt like a lot longer than 4 days, which tells me that i was likely pretty present through much of it. yay for that!

slept in again today, and napped again too. i have to tell you, that’s a really nice thing to be able to do. i love my quiet, dark mornings… but there’s something to be said for sleeping in and having a slow start to the day.


i was thinking last night about some of the videos i watched yesterday. how one of the things i took from them was this idea of giving what it is you most want. so… for example… if you’re wanting to start a micro business, to offer what it is you want to receive yourself. help create the feeling in others that you most want to feel. teach others what it is you most want to learn (careful with that last one.. some read that and think that it means they needn’t know anything about their subject, when that’s not at all what i mean. though the concept of sharing what you’re learning as you go could be very interesting here).

anyway - i really love this idea. it feeds into working, and creating, from your own passions. can you imagine filling your days that way? that pretty much sounds like the ideal life to me.

so… that is marinating a bit over here right now.

c’mon - you know what i’m going to say by now… let’s take a moment with this image…

c’mon - you know what i’m going to say by now… let’s take a moment with this image…

ok… and now for some gratitude..

i’m grateful for reflecting on the week and finding that it was such a good one

i’m grateful for having gotten so much of what was on my to-do list done this week. bonus points that i’d been procrastinating on some of it for absolutely ages.

i’m grateful for the care package that The Girl sent. details matter, and the things she chose for me were so right on target, i was super impressed and felt loved in receiving them.

i’m grateful that i am able to take lessons from the relationship that my own bio mother and i had (or didn’t, as the case may be) and put those to work with my own daughter.

i’m grateful that we haven’t started hearing all the fireworks & firecrackers yet. i’m hopeful that that doesn’t mean they’ll just go longer into the night.

that’s all, folks. hope you enjoyed your Thursday!