Day 27

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it was another busy day here - and i know there was something that was on my mind to write about, but again… i did not make note anywhere, or start the post when i was thinking about it. my bad :-)

day flew by, but i did get a lot done, including nap. not sure i’ll be able to get to sleep in time now for my super early morning tomorrow. actually, scratch that. it’s already almost 9:00 so that pretty much answers that lol

had some ideas today & did decide to start implementing them rather than spend days questioning myself. i’m realizing that my intuition actually is speaking to me on the regular and i am just not freaking listening! there are things i’m being guided to do, and i’m just taking them as random thoughts. so silly. so today i started listening. #progress

ok - since it’s already getting late and i haven’t even started getting ready for bed, we’re gonna keep this short.

Day 27.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

wow - only four days left of this particular experiment. so hard to believe!

i’m grateful for (finally) recognizing (and heeding!) my intuition… on at least a couple of things

i’m grateful for the super helpful oracle & tarot draws i did today. so fascinating how, now that i’ve stopped believing that there’s ONE way to interpret any cards i draw, they suddenly open up to me and become super helpful. i love that! it’s like a double win because it’s validation that all i need is within.

i’m grateful for really good food, made at home!

i’m grateful for these storms and rain today, and that the grass is really looking good

i’m grateful for all this sudden clarity around what i do want

i’m grateful for seeing how much of my energy i’ve been actively putting into what i don’t want (because now i can shift that)

that’s all, folks. hope you had a great Sunday!