Day 28

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you. guys.

i made the absolute best sammich - ever - for dinner tonight. was feeling a bit less-than-wonderful… but still hungry. sliced up an avocado, and some cucumber, spread some mayo on multi-grain bread, and then added a big bunch of alfalfa sprouts on top. SO GOOD. Pinterest for the win, there.


it was a Monday today. for sure. the day just flew by, so that part was good. it was a tiny bit stressful, really just because of how busy it was, but what i noticed today is that i was able to keep a mostly even keel. i credit this gratitude experiment.

well - mostly that.

the other thing that made a difference was that i finally noticed what was happening with me in my day to day life. i’ve been putting SO MUCH ENERGY into whining and complaining about what is right now (even if not always outwardly, it was definitely happening inwardly - and far more than i’d like to really admit) rather than putting that energy into what i’d like to be.

kind of doesn’t seem like much of a big deal when i write it out this way, does it?

but energy doesn’t lie… that’s the truth.

i had my proof today. now it’s on me to remember…

Day 28.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for that awesome-sauce sammich

i’m grateful for getting home in near-record time today

i’m grateful for the books i got from the library, and for the library itself

i’m grateful for this thing through another library i have access to; it’s called Hoopla and it’s amazing!

i didn’t sleep so well last night, so right in this moment i’m grateful that it’s very nearly bed time

good Monday, friend.