Day 29

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it was such a good day, you guys (what?!?!?)

my day started bright and early (at work) with a user telling me via her actions that she remembered me (even though it’s been at least a year, though i think closer to two, since we’d spoken last) and that she really enjoyed working with me. that one simple exchange set me to glowing immediately.

and that would’ve been enough, right there, you know?

but no… the next person i worked with immediately after this one said something very similar about enjoying working with me. the words were even very close to the words used by the first person (ok Life, you show off ;-)). i tell you, if we’d had a power outage right then i’d have lit the entire neighborhood. no problem.

then a third person, later in the day, said something similar as well. i swear, you cannot make this stuff up! by that third time i kind of wondered if i was being punked or something, you know? LOL

but it was amazing. even though the day was cuh-ray-zee busy and stressful, none of it touched me.

and yeah, i know that it’s ego stuff really… but c’mon… it feels damn good to be seen and acknowledged. i think, in fact, i might still be glowing.

so yeah, maybe this experiment is working ;-)

even though the experiment here with the daily blogging is done, i think i may carry on with it somehow. maybe personally. maybe on my Facebook page. not sure. would you play along if it’s on FB??

Day 29.jpg

and now, for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for having such a great day

i’m grateful for the rain and storms all day - it’s so relaxing

i’m grateful for the books i’ve got on Hoopla - i swear it was like a free shopping spree

i’m grateful for warm cozy socks that i wear rarely, so they feel special in addition to cozy

i’m grateful for getting a nap today

and that’s all for today, folks. hope you’ve had a great Tuesday.