Day 30

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another good day, you guys. honestly… this experiment seems to be doing what i’d hoped and then some.

i want to try to describe what’s happening, because if i were reading this on someone else’s blog i’d be super curious, and also because i know that putting it into words will help me to better assimilate it all. or at least that’s my hope.

or…maybe i just need to feel it and be happy with that.

maybe i’ll actually write more about it all on Friday. technically, tomorrow is the last day (31 of 31) of this experiment, but i’d already scheduled one final day as a kind of wrap-up day… a way to tie it up neatly… bow and all. so yeah, maybe that’s what i’ll do.

but for now…

Day 30.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i cannot express how grateful i am for how today went as it did. so so so.

i’m grateful for still having energy at the end of the work day today

i’m grateful for the smell of chicken cooking in the crock pot this afternoon, and for having an easy dinner ready to rock within just a few minutes after work

i’m grateful for another good movie tonight

i’m grateful for more storms today. i really love them

that’s all for today, folks. my heart is full. i hope you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday.