Day 31

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wow. well that’s that, then, isn’t it…?

this is the last day of this first experiment. 31 days of writing and sharing my (felt) gratitude every single day.

it’s been good.

so good, you guys.

i really have noticed a marked difference, and though i’ve tried this before.. it’s somehow different this time. maybe because i took it more seriously this time (maybe because i knew i needed to). maybe there’s another reason. either way, i’m grateful ;-)

Day 31.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for amazing music; especially the kind that takes you right back to a time that you otherwise can’t really remember. wild, huh?

i’m grateful for actually completing this experiment. i did not miss one single day. for me, that’s a true accomplishment. i often make excuses or otherwise kind of let myself off the hook with things when it gets hard. or, i have in the past. that seems to have been shifting lately. i love it and am super grateful for that.

i’m grateful for putting enough into this project to get so much out of it

i’m grateful for feeling hungry. this is another area where i’m suddenly sticking by what i say i want. i am doing intermittent fasting, and i do not ‘cheat’. before, i would’ve kind of allowed myself little “outs”.. i would’ve let myself eat after the feeding window had closed, and had any number of excuses. i don’t do that now… or haven’t been. it’s SO nice, this feeling of being able to count on myself.

and actually, now that i’ve said that, i’ve been doing the same with money and buying things. i’ve had several instances where something has tempted me, and before.. i’d just buy it, and figure out the details later. not lately. i have been deciding that it’s just not worth it. my why is bigger than my want lately. YAY

and that’s all, for now, folks. hope your Thursday has been great. wrap up tomorrow <3