Day 4

well first, i’m gonna leave this link right here because i suspect i’ll want to find it again, and maybe it’s something that would be a good read for you too.

now that that’s out of the way…

i did my Inner Balance again today (accountability, y’all). it was another less-than-fabulous session, but as we’ve already talked about, i’m ok with that, and i’ma do it anyway.


so what am i noticing today… welp, first things first, i’m feeling a TON better today than for the past couple of days.

i’m noticing a bit of a pattern when i start to dip into these little ‘mini-funks’.

day one, it’s like… it’s just suddenly there. like someone up and plunked a bunch of yuck right into my head (and listen, i do not appreciate it one bit). i seem to go from ‘meh’ to ‘oh crap, it’s coming’ within just a handful of hours. this time, once i realized it was there, i took a break from work and got up, went outside with Lexi, and just breathed the fresh air and stood in the sunshine for a bit. came back in after about 15 minutes, and noticed that i did feel a touch better. not great, but it did help (#win)

then yesterday (day two), it was full-on ‘this sucks. everything sucks. i suck.’ there didn’t seem to be much for it, so i just tried to keep to myself to the extent possible, and hoped like hell that it would pass and not get worse.

day three, i started out the morning being a little pissy, but i think knowing that it was Friday and that i’d have the whole weekend (and that my honey is on his way home) all helped and i found myself coming up out of it. it’s now 6:11 pm Friday evening and i’m actually good. totally ready to tackle some clean up and releasing of more stuff this weekend, plus some website work.

so, as it turns out, this time it was almost a bit like a migraine. i got the aura and knew it was (probably) coming, so was able to kind of just watch the process unfold, knowing it wasn’t gonna be fun, but it was gonna end. i hope i remember this for next time.

Day 4.jpg

now for gratitude..

i’m grateful that R is almost home. it’s always good to have a break, but it’s always good to all be home together too.

i’m grateful that we’ve had more rain today. i’m hoping it dries up a bit this weekend so that the guys don’t rut up the yard on Monday, but it’s been so so good to get so much rain and see things perking up in a big way.

i’m grateful for the gift of these tree images that are in front of my desktop… there’s something moody and mysterious and solitary about them that really draws me in

obv, i’m super grateful it’s Friday

i’m grateful for the little clean up urge i got a bit ago… went ahead and re-arranged all the stuff in the kitchen and entry and a bit in the living room. i always feel a hit of fresh energy when i do that

i’m grateful for the twinkle lights that just came on with their timer (twinkle lights on a timer are pretty much the best thing ever)

i’m grateful for #tinyhomes IG accts

i’m grateful for being back in Andrea’s Creative Dream Circle… it’s a bit of a homecoming for me

i’m grateful for the abundance of books i have. i get such a thrill out of sitting and going through my books. that may sound strange (and this may sound arrogant) but when i sit and pull all my books out of my bookshelf and start going through them, i always have the thought “i have amazing taste!” LOL (i mean, when it’s true, it’s true)

i’m grateful for soft light and for complete silence


that’s all for now, happy weekend to you!