Day 5

this site, Rooted Mystic, actually started off (just recently) as An Experiment in Gratitude.

those of you playing along at home may remember that, years and years ago now, i had a site called (wait for it)… An Experiment in Gratitude.

**cue record scratch**

yeah, so let’s back up…

lots of years ago (meaning i really don’t know how many… more than 8, less than 15) i started a website about experiments with gratitude that i wanted to run, for and on myself. it kind of grew and morphed over (a short-ish) time, and i was talking about more than just that… but that was the original intent.

then here recently, with all this heart-work that i keep talking about, i realized that i wanted to get pretty serious about feeling and being thankful again. i wanted to bring gratitude back into my life. but i didn’t want to do the typical gratitude journal. been there / done that so many times, it felt dry and lifeless.


what if i could have a blog where i documented my journey with it.. and what if anyone who wanted to play along could do so, right in the comments with me?

well… i figured that might be kind of fun!

so here we are **looks around, quite pleased with self**

the next thing i’m considering is whether i might create some kind of reminder system for those who would want to play along. for me, i think i’ll set up a reminder on my phone (psst - my Patreon supporters just received a printable and more for June, and i describe how i use the reminders on my phone to help change my mindset and habits. SUPER helpful), but i am wondering whether it might make sense to set up a tiny little newsletter or… i dunno… something.. in case anyone else here would be interested in that.

maybe i’ll just wait and see if anyone comments here or on my Facebook page, requesting something along those lines…


and now for gratitude…

i’m grateful for this hour of quiet, of time alone

i’m grateful that R got home safe & sound

i’m grateful for working out a way to get a new iMac, in anticipation of this one finally giving up the ghost (it’s been a trooper for years!)

i’m grateful that there’s pizza on the way :-)

i’m grateful for a loooooong nap today

i’m grateful for the library (i really wanted to say books but i know i’ve already said that at least once recently ;-))

i’m just really grateful for the silence in this moment. i swear, silence is more nourishing than any food or drink. i should probably make a point to remember that.