Day 6

i realized late last night that i’d completely forgotten to do some Inner Balance time yesterday, so yeah… i missed a day. bummer to break my (still short - lol) streak. i remembered as soon as i woke up this morning though, so it’s done for today, and today was a much better session. got back into coherence for the majority of the session, and felt that all through my body. turns out, this whole coherence thing feels pretty amazing (i may have already mentioned that :-))

watching a movie this morning, as i was creating some pinnable images for this site, and had a realization. not a new one, mind you, but it feels like it’s sunk in to a deeper level now….

i want to want what is.... who i already am and what i already have
— me

i want to spend my days feeling excited, happy, and grateful for what i already have. all of it. all of the experiences, the things, the way of life, who i am, what i look like… all of it.

this whole thing of spending (wasting) so much time feeling like there’s something else ‘out there’ that i need in order to be ok… THAT is wasting life. wasting time. i’m always so worried about waking up one day, life having passed me by, and feeling massive regret that i’d wasted it. and there’s a reason for that… because right now, i AM wasting it. i’m wasting my time and energy (my most precious resources) feeling less-than… feeling that there’s something more i need in order to be ok.

but there’s not.

there’s nothing more i need.

i think it’s just a matter of finding a way to remember that… and not just intellectually, but experientially, and in my heart. maybe that’s part of what this experiment is about for me (and that makes me wonder what it might be about for you)… maybe it’s about helping me to remember what i already know (ha! helping me to remember my light in the depths :-) ).

i think i dig that.

Day 6.jpg

and now… for some conscious, and felt, gratitude

i’m grateful for feeling hungry right now. it means i haven’t snacked my way through the morning, but have allowed my body to process my breakfast and be ready for something more again

i’m grateful for the fan blowing on me (i know, i say it all the time, but seriously, i think i’d go nuts without these little fans that i can carry with me from room to room!)

i’m grateful for deciding to get creative with what i have & re-decorate that way, rather than buying new stuff.. when i pulled everything i wanted to use, into one place the other day… i got overwhelmed with all i have, so more is definitely not needed there. creativity is :-)

i’m grateful for good movies on Netflix

i’m grateful for some sunshine this morning.. i’m also grateful for the rain that’s coming this afternoon. to have both in one day is really perfection for me. best of both worlds :-)

i’m grateful for how it feels to express real gratitude

i’m grateful that the dips don’t last forever. sometimes they last far longer than i’d like (but let’s be honest, any amount of time feeling that way is too long for me) but when i can remember that they’ll pass, it helps

happy Sunday, friends.