Day 7

i’m finally on my path, and i know because i feel it. nothing external has changed (yet, though i suspect that isn’t far behind, energy being what it is and all…), but i feel it all the same.

i wish i had ‘gotten here’ sooner, but i know that it just wasn’t possible. i wasn’t ready until i was ready.

i wish i had a way to tell you how i ‘got here’, but that’s also not possible… you have to walk your own path.

the really good news, though, is that you’ve already got your own internal compass. the only thing you need to get on your path. put your hand over your heart and feel it. listen. that’s the magick, right there. putting my hands over my heart and listening is how all of this started for me (and progressed quickly from there).

i can’t say that the exact same thing will happen for you, again this is your path, but i would be willing to bet that something will happen. if you keep listening and tuning in to that internal drum beat… you’ll start hearing what you need to hear.

then it’s up to you to follow where it leads (more good news?! it’s taken action on my part, but it’s all felt SUPER simple. it never has before (most often, it’s felt like i’ve had to push and try and effort), but if i had to guess i’d say that it’s because i wasn’t following… i was trying to lead).

noun_Fishing Hook_731077.png

and now, for some gratitude…

i’m grateful that i’ve learned how to shift my energy, and my mood. now it’s just down to practice, even in the hard times

i’m grateful for flameless candles. as much as i LOVE ‘real’ candles, these babies are so fun to put all over the place, and know they’ll come on with the timer. (also #safetyfirst)

i’m grateful for the sound of rain, and thunderstorms. there’s nothing quite like realizing it’s storming, and the deep breath that often comes with that realization

i’m grateful for box breathing, and having learned some ways to calm my heart when it feels like it’s beating like crazy (added plus - these same tools help with the fear and anxiety brought on by the heart weirdness too)

i’m grateful that my hair is short enough that it dries REALLY quickly right now :-)

i’m grateful for this blog.

Happy Monday, friends!