Day 8

i caught my brain looking for something wrong this morning. we’d just gotten back from our morning walk, and i was moving around the house getting things ready for the day… and i felt… mmmmm… just slightly off somehow.

i stopped & kind of internally felt around for what was not feeling right, and i realized that everything was fine, and that my brain was just doing its habitual reaching for something being wrong!

so funny to catch my thoughts this way, but this is what i wish for everyone. i wish everyone would become more and more aware of their own thoughts, reactions, habits, etc… when i talk about humanity ‘waking up’, this is what i mean. if more people were more aware of their own internal stuff… of habitual reactions, of beliefs coloring perceptions, of thoughts impacting feelings… things could shift and improve really quickly.

this morning when i did my Inner Balance what i held and focused on was that feeling of coherence… and consciously choosing to ‘push’ that out into my surroundings. i figure if i can practice it enough, eventually i’ll get to the point of feeling able to push that energy of coherence out into my neighborhood, then the wider community, then the county, etc… the idea of lots of people doing this in their own communities is very exciting (as within, so without; we change what’s ‘outside’ by becoming the change ourselves).

cool, yeah?

Day 8.jpg

and now for some gratitude…

i’m grateful for clarity and realizations (or REA’s / real-eyes-ations, as a friend of a friend says!)

i’m grateful for this ‘just right’ feeling right now. i’m not hot, i’m not cold. just perfectly comfy, and i love the recognition of that

i’m grateful for feeling physically hungry, and for knowing i have plenty of food available to me. i still get so excited and feel so much relief when the fridge and the pantry are full - that is, in and of itself, a pleasure / gratitude

i’m grateful for working from home the rest of this week & knowing that i can choose to take a nap on my lunch break on any of these days. there’s something very decadent about that

i’m grateful for beeswax tea light candles in recycled glass jars. i get a kick out of eating the (super yum) yogurt and then washing and re-using the glass jars it comes in (especially since the jars are so cute!)