Day 9

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i’m struggling a bit today. that’s pretty much all i’m going to say about that, because while i don’t want to avoid my feelings, or otherwise push them down / away… i also don’t want to wallow in or magnify the hard.

so, today we’ll jump right to it

Day 9.jpg

some gratitude

i am grateful for flowers. i mean srsly. i am all but obsessing on big beautiful blooms like these lately. cannot get enough (and thank all that’s holy for Pinterest!)

again… these days of both rain and sun. you kind of just can’t beat it

i’m grateful for the backup bag of Lexi’s food… makes me feel safe, always knowing that she’s got plenty

i’m grateful that the power came back on after only 30 minutes vs the 5 hours they estimated initially!

i’m grateful for antacid pills