own it

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i was watching a documentary recently, and my attention kept being drawn to one of the people in particular. she had so much self-confidence, you guys. she was well-spoken, and carried herself as if she just really was entirely ok with herself… and not only that, she kind of really dug herself too.

i kind of love that. a lot.

i kept watching her, because she’s not what our society would necessarily deem beautiful, per se. but she didn’t seem to realize (or care), you know?

i mean, how magnetic is that? she just owns all of who she is, and you can tell. it draws you in.

i went to high school with a girl who was like that, even then. she didn’t really have any friends that i could tell, but she carried herself as if her self-esteem was so high that it didn’t matter. (i feel like a chicken-shit now for not befriending her… i really wish i had gotten to know her, but i didn’t try.)

so i’m thinking about this whole idea of really owning it, you know? owning all of who i am, and rocking it.

and then i talked with a soul sister last night for almost two hours… we’d not talked in a while so it was really great to connect, but do you know what struck me most about our conversation?

we often have what we call ‘our bridge’ on these connection calls. it’s where there seems to be an underlying theme that we’re both experiencing lately, and though it may show up in different ways externally, the root of it is always the same. always. we’ve been talking like this for over 8 years now (maybe 9?) and it’s always been this way for us.

our bridge last evening? Owning It.

*mic drop*

no, wait wait… i have more to say, actually :-)

so this is yet another example of playing with Life (and Life playing back).


i have been asking for certain, specific, changes in my life and getting a ttttoouuuccchhhh frustrated that they weren’t happening on my timeline ;-)

then this all comes up and i realize - “OH… you mean i have to own who i am and step into my flow to be who i’m meant to be in life… in order for the needed changes to come into being?!? well why didn’t you just say so?!?!” ;-)

(and then i imagine Life doing a head -> table pose.. like “ugh, she is so hard-headed sometimes!” ;-) )

but it’s all good. i see it now.

so i created a desktop background for my computer this morning, and i’ve shared it with you if you’d like it (it’s right here - no sign up required!) .

let’s experiment with remembering to OWN IT. want to?

tell me about a time when you did own it, and what you noticed? i’d so dig hearing your story!


oh - one more thing before you go!

i was invited to join the Rebel Crones Rising Community Project that Tracie Nichols is putting together for September. of COURSE i said yes (not only because i so dig Tracie, but because this discussion is long overdue!) and i’d really love if you felt called to sign up (it’s free!) and add your voice to the conversation. it begins on September 1st, and Tracie is also hosting a free facebook group to discuss during the month. won’t you come along for the ride???