rooted mystic.

i remember a handful of years ago talking with my friend Tara about this knowing that there was a domain i needed to have, but not feeling sure what it was. we did some brainstorming and throwing names around back and forth… but nothing felt quite right, until one of us landed on rooted mystic.

it pretty much summed up everything i wanted to be, and the parts of me i most wanted to inhabit and call in. all these years later, and it’s finally getting a dedicated home.

for now, it’s mostly about experimenting with (real) gratitude, and with consciously choosing what to make of my life. because now, in my early 40’s, it feels like it’s time to claim something as mine.

it feels like so much of what i’d intended for my life has been shoved down.. forgotten. and too much of a good thing hidden from light and air.. well.. it’s still too much, and it can still grow moldy and sick when not allowed to breathe. i haven’t been able to breathe deeply for a long time, you know? (maybe you can relate?)

listen — are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?
— Mary Oliver

i need great big gulps of air. of life.

and i bet you do too since you’ve found your way here, out of alllll the places on the great big interwebs, you landed here. i am guessing we have some things in common.

and here’s the thing… i’m learning all kinds of super fascinating things about the heart. for example, did you know that the heart puts off a larger (and stronger) electromagnetic field around the body than the brain? how interesting is that, right? did you ever hear that thing about the brain being the servant and the heart being the master and how we’ve gotten it backward? turns out, that’s true, and i wanna flip it around.

so pull up a seat, and a cuppa something delish, and join me. feel free to leave your own gratitude lists on blog posts and join in on the experiment with me. i’d love to have you along.